Interior Design: Fashion Trends 2017

In the light of innovations in all spheres of our rapidly developing life, we more and more often want to change something in our house. The novelty in the design decisions - as it is impossible by the way. Our house is not only our fortress, but also our style and harmony.

Natural materials in interior design

What is so firmly included in the concept of "fashionable interior"? There are many answers, but one of them is beyond doubt: the use of natural materials. Of course, the charm will give furniture from the tree. Natural stones will also complement your interior. However, do not forget about indoor plants, decor of shells, cones and other natural resources.

All this together or individually will indicate your taste for everything natural and natural. Environmental friendliness should not be out of fashion. By it we mean the use of materials that are environmentally friendly. Recently, even moss is used in apartments. Very attractive, unusual and environmentally justified.

Color and color scheme

The trend is also freshness and saturation. How to combine the colors? Do not worry, for you and me everything has already been created by Mother Nature. Just look around and use natural combinations. Strawberries, tangerines, violets, sea waves, a glade of dandelions, watermelon crusts, autumn forest ... And what is closer to you - you can only understand yourself.

If you want to see the interior in a new light, you can use ordinary materials in an unusual trend. So, the tree enters the bathrooms, where previously we would never have decided to use it. In the living room the tiles fit perfectly. Children's rooms welcome the appearance of a metal finish. All these unusual trends will only sing you out among neighbors and friends. But we should not forget that only having an impeccable taste in selecting all the details, you can achieve the desired result.

In conclusion, it must be emphasized that modern houses and apartments are steadily demonstrating their practicality and functionality. For example, built-in furniture, wall niches and many other details of the practical plan. And this is not just a tribute to fashion trends, but a modern life motto. Décor, which does not have much sense and utility, fades into the background. Do not copy anything extra in the apartment. We try to rationalize the interior: even the tiniest apartment can become a small palace and fortress for you. Therefore we say "yes" to the modern, harmonious and comfortable interior.


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